About Us

HVA Factory have risen from nowhere to become THE major force in the primary kick vintage Husqvarna racing scene. Hva-factory owner – Andy Elliott takes up the story:

It all came about when a friend of mine asked me to manufacture some vintage Husqvarna parts that he couldn’t get for his ‘83’ 430 Husky Enduro bike. So, I cast him some parts and made a few extras that instantly sold on ebay! This got me thinking, and, as my main business is engineering, I thought that making special Husky parts would compliment my business activities. What was just an interesting hobby has fast grown into a worldwide business that has now overtaken my engineering work.

I was given the opportunity to buy all the (new) old stock vintage Husqvarna parts that used to be Pro-Circuit UK (UK importer) – run by Steve Daniels and Steve Ball, whom I used to compete against in the 1980’s on Huskys. So, after doing a deal, I shipped back everything that lay forgotten for 25 years. I decided that my main focus of attention would be bikes from 1979 onwards to the end of the husky days in Sweden. So I sold most of the older stuff to Jef Bens, who is the specialist in the earlier bikes.

(We do however carry some earlier vintage husqvarna parts and it is always worth looking using the search function on the website).

We have worked very hard to improve the range of parts and try to provide just about everything that a customer may need in order to go racing on Huskys. No-one works harder than we do in that we have made a lot of parts that you simply could no longer get. Examples of this are the expansion pipes, clutch baskets and kick start shafts that come up as NLA if you ask a Husky dealer! We scour the world for (new) old stock parts, and I am more than happy to jump on a plane at a moments notice if that means bringing back some long hidden treasure!!!

We also have some excellent connections with the old factory in Sweden, and their original suppliers back in the 70s and 80s. Our efforts have paid off because we put so much back in to supplying parts, this opens all sorts of doors in acquiring things that money alone would not have given us access to. I guess that our bread and butter is the 82 - 84 bikes, and there is almost nothing that we cannot supply from stock to keep these running.

The website undergoes weekly updating, as we strive to improve the quality of everything we do. Everything on the site is actually IN STOCK – unless you are very unlucky and someone else has placed a large order just before you! We really only deal in NEW parts. At the moment – all profit goes straight back in to purchasing or manufacturing new parts for the business!